Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1 Point

Here's the quick and dirty from Philly. Very bittersweet, as it was great to see my old Drexel teammates putting on a great race but I wish I had better legs. My brother, the race director, put on a fantastic weekend that has certainly become the highlight of the ECCC calendar. As an alum of the Beanpot committee, I can now freely admit that it's just a better race. No clue what happened on the RR, but I was quickly dismissed from the group after the first few laps. I felt awful. Had a lovely chat with Harvard's Anna McLoon though. After heading home, I headed out the local pub to have a beer and put it behind me. The next day, our TTT went along okay. Due to the wet weather, we took no risks and pulled in over a minute behind the winners. Look for that to improve, as I think we have the horsepower. The Crit was fast, but mostly boring. I managed to get into the day's main break (pictured above), but found myself closing too many gaps as the group was very disorganized. I managed to get 1 measly sprint point out of the effort, but was slowly dispatched back to the main field, where I was too drained to contest the sprint.

In other news, Kyle Bruley (aka Karl, or Creme Brulee) informed us that we actually have a Nat's budget. As it stands now, I'm not even close to qualifying for D1. Temple and Rutgers have been thorns in our side, but Natan and Brian are looking good. The next two weekends are crucial to potentially changing my situation and maintaining my teammates' position, so I'm focusing on recovering during the week and trying to race smarter. See you all at Army, and keep it rubber-side down!


Temple Cycling said...


Joe Kopena said...

Chris, it's either because you ate too many Twizzlers this weekend... or not enough.

Kyle Bruley said...

More blogging = better results. It's proven

And we have something this Army weekend that can help us, and you, in the national standings. That secret weapon goes by one name that only you will understand: Callie.

SHopengarten said...

Points are SO over-rated. So is nationals... You'd probably have more fun at Wells Ave.