Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Salad Bar

Army! Despite 3 flats, basically bonking on the TTT, and an emergency rear mech replacement, I can only portray my feelings about the weekend in this video. However, I'm still having an absolute blast. The ECCC still knows how to party, and BU had a great group of guys and gals for the weekend. The salad bar, confidence course, and beautiful Sunday weather boosted my spirits immensely. Instead of boring you with a full recap, I'll leave you with my favorite moment of the weekend:

Joe Kopena: "For every rider who passes Chris Hair on the hill climb, I'll give you a cookie."

UVM Rider: "Who the hell is Chris Hair?"



1 comment:

Joe Kopena said...

It was good they weren't sure who you were; I didn't have any cookies with me...